Come out, take all the fatigue of the year in the pool of Iskelem Hotel. Away from the crowd of the city, you can find all kinds of domestic and foreign drinks at the Snack Bar.


One of the tranquil areas of Akyakan, our private beach serves our guests during the summer months.


İskelem Hotel Restaurant makes your holiday more enjoyable with delicious Aegean Mediterranean dishes, fresh seafood and delicious desserts. Our local fresh vegetable and meat products are carefully followed from the ingredients to the presentation on the table. The most varied variety of breakfast in Akyaka is prepared by the talented chefs of our restaurant, the most delicious of your plate, the most unforgettable restaurant. Our guests are "welcomed".

Cycling Tour

You will find everything you are looking for in a colorful nature, as you re-discover life in this natural nature park with bicycle and breathing exercises and full of lush and beautiful nature full of oxygen. During the cycling tour in the country you will be accompanied by a lush nature and fruit trees around you. Of course, you will be accompanied by unique nature sea views that you can enjoy along the way.



Boat Tour

What do you say to go out with Hotel Istankoy Tekneri on a journey of immersive nature in a natural environment where thousands of tons of green blue are merged in the most beautiful coils of Aegean and Mediterranean? Do not leave Bodrum without seeing at least the starting position of the blue voyage. Leave your sunshine warm while you cool the turquoise water in the Hotel Istanköy Tekneler. Our daily boat, which is exclusive to hotel customers, has music dancing and entertainment as well as food and ice drinks waiting for you. We are already ready to share with you our fish and snorkel products.

Transfer Services

In private transfer services; The use of vehicles and drivers as much as companies need. Thus, the transportation of company employees; Meeting of domestic and foreign guests from the hotel, roundtrip transfer, airport transfers, distant or close transportation. In this respect, the companies do not deal with staff expenses such as purchasing, maintenance and advancement of personnel, taxi package, filling out the expense form. This system saves companies and at the same time does not encounter problems caused by transportation.