İsketem Hotel Restaurant makes your holiday more enjoyable with delicious Aegean Mediterranean dishes, fresh seafood and delicious desserts. Our local fresh vegetable and meal products are carefully followed from the ingredients to the presentation on the table. The most varied variety of breakfast in Akyaka is prepared by the talented chefs of our restaurant, the most delicious of your plate the most unforgettable restaurant. Our guest are "Welcomed"


Every season we bring fresh fish and seafood to a menu that you will be passionate about. The most exclusive seafood is served with impeccable service. Local and foreign drinks of various kinds can be tried with these tastes. Our restaurant offers different alternatives such as red and white meat for those who do not prefer seafood besides seafood prepared with delicous special sauces. Our aim is to be a company that produces and services in world standards that are sensitive to vocational training activities and who have adopted the principle continual development and renewal as the people who know that they can offer the customer expectancy and their requests in the most appropriate way and that success can be achieved through education.


You should definitely try the traditional olive oil of Turkish cuisine, grapes, fish products and salad varieties to choose the most suitable taste. All kinds of appetizers and olive oil varieties you wish for your special occasions, invitations and celebrations are prepared by our special cooks for you.


We will be proud of you and our distinguished guests in our unique restaurant where you will enjoy our delicious breakfast and ala cart restaurant which will stay in your taste buds in the sea of İskelem Hotel in the combinatiOn of nature and sea.